Mirror of Erised

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We were asked to try to find what the translation of Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi means and I think I found it’s direct translation and that is: I show not your face, but your heart’s desire.

So in Harry Potter, Harry finds this mirror where he soon figures out that it only shows what one’s true heart desires most deeply and in it he sees his parents because he had never met them before and as growing up without them I’m sure it’s probably the thing he’s the most passionate about. The main theme that is captured with this mirror is the fact that we may not always get what our heart desires yet its looking deep within ourselves to find what our hearts do desire.

For my mirror of Erised I have alot of different pictures representing different things that my heart truly desires. I desire to see my dad in heaven, after he passed away from cancer about 9 years ago, things have never been the same, and without him I feel like I’m going around the world with a piece of me missing. This picture is shown through the one of my parents really young and the young picture of me and my mom, because I also really would like to see her happy again and maybe have her find someone that will do that. Travel is a huge passion of mine that has been engrained in me since birth and I truly desire to visit so many places all over the world. I hope to be studying abroad next year and this is shown with the Earth picture. I like most girls, desire to find true love and I think that is one thing I’m so afraid that I’ll end up without. I believe my brother and his girlfriend are truly in love and I hope that they will take that to the next level someday by getting married. The classroom full of kids is one that I helped tutor and this shows my desire to become the teacher I think I’ve born to be. Teaching is a born passion and I just hope I succeed in not giving up and don’t burn out to soon/ever. I would really like to become stronger in my faith (the pic of my church) and learn more about my religion as I’m trying to explore alot of different options while I am still in college. As for going to Appalachian, I desire to graduate with honors and take my Appalachian experience with me wherever I may go throughout my teaching career (app pic). The picture of me and my friends and the Little People of America logo is to show that I desire to keep up with LPA by becoming more involved with this organization as I get older and out of school. I hope to make a difference in the disability community by making appropriate changes to buildings, opinions, and basically the public. The handicap signs are extremely important because my dwarfism is an essential part of who I am and so I desire to stay that way and for other people to just be able to accept that. I hope to make some changes in the world by positively influencing our society all about dwarfism. There are so many other desires I have but are hard to show in this visual and I hope that this is a good representation of my version of the mirror of Erised.  


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This touches my heart 🙂 I love the depth of your responses Rachel…they mirror your person! I cannot wait to see you in a classroom with the “other” little people we call children. Thank you again for your heart-felt response.

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