Poetry Anthology

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A. Meet Danitra Brown

B. Grimes, Nikki

C. Cooper, Floyd

D. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books: 1994.

E. Children’s Multicultural Poetry

F. K-5


Once you’ve met my friend Danitra, you can spot her miles away.

She’s the only girl around here who wears purple every day.

Whether summer’s almost over or spring rains are pouring down,

if you see a girl in purple, it must be Danitra Brown.

Purple socks and jeans and sneakers, purple ribbons for her hair.

Purple shirts and slacks and sweaters, even purple underwear!

Purple dresses, shorts, and sandals, purple coat and purple gloves.

There’s just no mistake about it: Purple’s what Danitra loves!

Purple is okay, I guess, I have worn it once or twice.

But there’s nothing wrong with yellow. Red and blue are also nice. So one day I asked Danitra if once in a while, for fun,

She would wear another color, just to surprise everyone.

But her mom has told her stories about queens in Timbuktu.

And is seems they all wore purple– never red or green or blue.

Now she might just be a princess. After all, who’s to say?

So just in case, she’ll dress in purple each and every day!


I really like this poem alot because it is all about my favorite color and it is uncommon where other people share my same passion for purple. I also found it really interesting that this book is a multicultural book and it includes alot of different poems about African American ethnicity and culture. There are so many other poems that are in this book that concern alot bigger issues than just one’s favorite color and I would have also liked to do those poems as well but that would have made this poem about 3 pages long. This poem also includes alot of thematic elements that a rhyme scheme of AA, BB, AA, BB. Imagery is definitely included as you can see exactly what is going on in this poem without any pictures for reference. I think there is also personification because she is referencing the color purple as almost something living because Danitra likes the color purple so much. I also think there are some metaphors in this poem when she is trying to convey how much she loves the color purple! As I’ve said I think this would be great to bring into the classroom because it is so multicultural that it can bring up issues that don’t come up in an every day conversation.


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