Cinderella Poem

Cinderella Poem

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I am the rough-faced girl with a pure heart and diverse textures  I am Vasilisia with the love of my mother and my little doll friend 
And we are made fun of as well as ordered to do harsh tasks And we are made fun of as well as ordered to do harsh tasks 
I live in a wigwam with my father and 2 older sisters  Whereas I live in Baba Yaga’s forest with my stepmother and 2 stepsisters 
I wonder how my sisters think they can see the Invisible Being  While I wonder who the 3 riders are in the forest 
I hear the sneering remarks that everyone makes about my shoes that don’t fit and my coarse hair  But I hear the complaints of my sisters who order me to clean every spot imaginable 
I see the lies my sisters tell just to get what they please  However, I see the greediness that my stepmother possesses 
I want to marry the invisible being  Yet I want the love of a motherly figure and live life each day as it comes 
I am courageous and faithful  I am hardworking and patient 
Similarly we strive for something more Similarly we strive for something more 
I always see the face of the Invisible Being among the skies  On the other hand, I always see the lights of the 3 knights 
I pretend that I really am dressed with pretty beads, buckskin dresses and new moccasins  While I pretend that the 3 knights will come and wisp me away from danger 
I feel as though the skies are talking to me  Yet I feel happiness whenever I talk to my little doll at night 
I touch the Earth with the intention to help me change  While I touch Baba Yaga’s kitchen and create a feast fit for a king 
I worry that the Invisible Being’s sister will hate me  Yet I worry that Baba Yaga will kill me or worse keep me forever 
I cry when I think sometimes I’m not good enough  But I cry when I’m challenged with tasks that seem impossible to overcome 
I excel in conceptualizing the winds, skies, dirt and stars  Whereas I excel in seeing the kindness that exists in everyone  
I am the rough faced girl who doesn’t have a rough face anymore  I am the wife of a Russian tzar  
And we both have eventually found ultimate happiness And we both have eventually found ultimate happiness 
I understand that many people cannot see what I see  While I understand the important tasks that Baba Yaga set upon me 
I say thank-you to the Invisible Being’s sister for all of her help  Yet I say thank-you to the kindness of my adopted mother
 I’m as full of life as the sun   Whereas I’m as free as a bird
I dream to create a vibrant family with my husband whom I never wish to part  

I really like the I poem process because i think an outside reader would get more of a feel of what the characters are really suppose to think and feel rather than a regular story conveys. The process for me was pretty simple because I love comparing and contrasting stories like these but at the same time I did learn alot about these cultures.

First, I found out that instead of The Rough-Faced Girl being about a Cherokee tribe I found out it was more about an Algonquin tribe and this led me to my other findings. I learned that some Algonquin tribes live in what are called wigwams which are very similar to teepees that are covered in animal skin and birchbark. Algonquins believe alot in afterlife and that is why I think the man is “invisible” in this story. Algonquins are firm believers in witchcraft and also they have a person in their tribes named the shaman who was very powerful because he was the one that could heal the sick by controlling the evil spirits. I learned that the Algonquin tribes are patriarchal meaning that they are mostly male dominated. Algonquin tribes are also the most populous of American Indians in the northeastern part of the country up towards Quebec as well. They travel by foot and canoe and they found food by hunting, fishing, gathering nuts, fruits, berries etc.

I learned that the ruler of Russia is regularly called a tzar and this comes from the time of Julius Caesar. I learned that important themes of Russian literature include redemption, suffering and Christianity. I also learned alot about some common differences that there are between the customs of the United States and Russia.War is a major one and that is because in the US it seems as though there is not nearly as much devastation as there is over in Russia. I found that Russia is the 3rd most populated country in the world which was even more intriguing when I figured out how mych of the country is also isolated. There are many connections with isolation and Vasilisa because I always got the “small town feel” from this. Russia seems to have “one single truth” while here in the US it is alot more diverse and so many more concepts are welcome. Furthermore, I found it interesting that Russia is considered a “motherland” and this is special because all of the important characters in this book are women and in Russian common practice women are known as the “true heros of Russia”. One final conclusion about Russian culture is that Russians like BIG in the sense that they value things in large quantities and at the highest level like in this book where the tzar took into account the luxurious cloth that was made with such fine thread by Vasilisa.

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