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Impression of Informational/Non-fiction Texts

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My first impression of non-fiction/informational texts is that they give a great summary of historical events and just regular things that have happened in the past that everyone should have somewhat of a knowledge about and are still here today. I think they are a great thing to have in the classroom because they are easy to read for a young elementary student without having them to struggle to find out the facts they need. Most of the non-fiction/information texts I have read in the past are also very colorful and show a great example of the different types of art that a variety of cultures tend to use. It is interesting to see what cultures use what colors and the different styles of illustrations like collage, oil paintings, pastels, pulp paintings, black and white, and so many more. It is also see what styles the illustrations are in the sense of how dynamic the pictures are because most of the multicultural books I have read in the past are trying to get across a significant point which is helped with certain colors that stand out over others. I also think it is a great idea to have these informational/non-fiction texts in the classroom because it is a great source for students to have access to because very likely on a regular basis, these students don’t have access to books like these at home. There are so many students that are under the umbrulla that their parents shelter them with, where they may have never even seen someone that looks different than them whether it be with skin color, body shape/size, ethnicity, religion etc. 

I think kids will respond to these books in a variety of different ways. Some kids will reject these books from the very beginning because it is different from the every day regular fairy tale they would usually get at home. They are protected from the iron-clad walls that their parents set for them in the sense they tend to think that every thing is crystal perfect and everything will work out to their greatest advantage. Some parents will not let these students read these books just because they don’t believe it to be true themselves. There are some students that will be so curious about other cultures that they will want to read these books even though they won’t get their parental consent to read these books and they will go against their parent’s wishes. There are those kids that will read these books that will get the support from their family and friends to read more books like these. I hope for the most part that students will be intrigued with what they find out because alot the stories that are told in non-fiction texts are so important because they have to do with our nation’s past and are really significant in our country today.

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